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On Completion

Many people struggle with seeing a task through to completion. It can be really tough to find productivity methods that work for you, so the key takeaway is to try a few different ones out.

How I Got A Job After University During The Pandemic

Coming to the end of your University experience is an exciting but scary time. The joy and sensation of completing your graduation is rewarding, but then comes the time to go into the big bad world.

Automatic Watering System With A Raspberry Pi

Creating an automatic watering system with a Raspberry Pi and the twist of using Dictu.

How To Kill The Firestore Emulator

A common problem which I face when using the Firebase Emulator with the Node.js debugger is that my debugger stops running when I am done, but the Firestore Emulator does not stop running.

Some Useful C++ Tricks

While there's a lot of hidden gotchas in C++, there's also many useful features that have evolved from all sorts of poorly defined behavior that have become useful tools in my box with doing day-to-day work.

Introduction to Programming: Variable Scope

Brief overview and definition of Variable Scope

Introduction to Programming: Data Types

Datatypes: What they are, and how they are used.

Introduction to Programming: Output

Defining Output and how it is used in Programming

Introduction to Programming: Basic Concepts

Definition of Statements and Variables and a brief overview.

Introduction to Programming

Basic introduction into the concept of Programming

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